Daniel Borgegård Älgå
saxofoner, EWI och elektronik

Pontus Torstensson
trummor och elektronik

Viirus is the collaboration between Daniel Borgegård Älgå and Pontus Torstensson. They met in 2001 and for a couple of years, while living together in a small house with some friends in the city of Arvika, they developed the music later to be unleashed as Viirus in 2004. Their debut album ”The Virus Album” on Klanggold is recorded live in studio on three different locations in two different cities (Stockholm and Arvika) over three years. The intention of this music is to combine the electronics with the acoustics into a homogenic and continuously evolving soundscape of unheard sounds. The Clavia Nord Modular stands as sound foundation for Pontus Torstensson’s vivid drums and cymbals processed through the Line6 DL-4 and Daniel Borgegård Älgå’s sometimes chaotic, sometimes melodic saxophone shoutouts. Laptop and homemade electronics extends the Viirus circuit both in studio and in live situations.

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